Friday, July 13, 2012

Magi and Papi

The thing about being a true animal rescuer is that it doesn't just happen when you schedule it.   Sometimes, actually, it happens at the most inopportune times.   A few summers ago, I was walking through the parking lot at The Wild Animal Park in San Diego, and a loose German Shepherd ran up to me.   What are the odds? 

So, because GSROC has true rescuers, sometimes we have dogs looking for homes that you wouldn't expect to see at a German Shepherd Rescue... like Chihuahuas! 

Check out these two ADORABLE dogs.  Good with big dogs, little dogs, cats, kids... what more could you want?    Everyone should love a LITTLE... it is magical.  

German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County Adoption detail


  1. We have a shepherd (female) and a chihuahua terrier mix (male) at home, both rescues. They get along just like siblings: they play, they have mouthy spats, they sleep beside each other, they herd each other inside when I call for them. They are perfect together. Big and little can be a great match!

  2. We couldn't agree more Beretta! Big and little can be a great match!